Catch-442 was started in 2012 as a means to organise my occasional forays into football writing.

The blog focuses on football theory, the ideas behind a team’s shape or a player’s role, rather than analysing results.Tactical analysis tends to focus on what has happened, rather than what should happen. The former considers a team’s habits over a number of games and assesses how they may confront a specific opponent; the latter studies how that confrontation panned out, and what strategies were effective. Clearly the two are very different, and yet should result in the same conclusions.

Football is often better in theory than it is in practice. When two teams meet there is often much to anticipate – How will one team counter the other’s strengths, and vice versa? Who will win the battles for possession and space? How will a team combat individuals? Yet so many factors can ruin the game – poor performances, individual errors,  refereeing mistakes, the weather.

For this reason, allied to the fact that there are countless other (better?) websites that deal with post-match analysis, I concentrate on pre-game previews that consider team shapes matching up against each other and the tactical battle that should ensue. New match previews will be available on the Homepage and upcoming previews can be found here.

I also write various articles on formation and positional theory and statistical analysis. New articles will be available on the HomepageOlder articles can be found by browsing the Archives or searching the Categories in the right menu.

All comments are encouraged. To contact the editor, email catch442@gmail.com.

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